I intend to write a literary essay discussing the topic on the kite runner by Khaled Hosseini and the focus being on narrative P.O.V, foreshadowing and symbolism to develop on the main character, Amir.ˇ Discuss how the author uses language techniques to develop a main character in the novel, and how this character helps you understand one or […]

SOCIAL: castes     low/ Hazara  high/ Pashtun                                                                    HISTORICAL: before and after the Russian invasion                […]

The Kite Runner is a novel about social standards and the growth from child to man. Set in Kabul, Afghanistan in 1975,before the Russian invasion, we look into the lives of Amir, Baba, Hassan, Rahim kahn and Ali, boys and men living in separation by cast, poor and rich. The Main character, Amir, tells the […]

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